VAHS October 10 2012 Meeting

VAHS presents

 Guest Speaker Jennifer Reynolds

This event is an open meeting everyone is welcome

Topic: Freshwater Stingrays in the Wild and in the Aquarium
Learn more about the natural history of South America’s Freshwater Stingrays (Potamotrygonidae), and how to successfully maintain them in aquariums. Jennifer will discuss evolution, biology, captive husbandry (including tank sizes and dietary needs), and provides tips and tricks for dealing with picky or delicate rays, including newborn pups.  The talk finishes with a case study of the rare successful reproduction of Tiger Stingrays (Potamotrygon tigrina) at the Vancouver Aquarium.


Jennifer O. Reynolds is a Senior Aquarium Biologist at the Vancouver Aquarium in BC, Canada. She specializes in tropical freshwater fish, particularly cichlids and South American stingrays, but is well-versed in all aspects of the hobby and aquarium profession.  Jennifer travelled to Africa’s Lake Tanganyika for 2 months in 2008 to study cichlids with researchers from McMaster University in Canada. Jennifer has also travelled to Brazil multiple times to participate in work with Project Piaba, a sustainable ornamental fisheries project based in Barcelos on the Rio Negro, and assist with opening a new public aquarium on the Atlantic Coast of Brazil.  Jennifer is passionate about the biodiversity of tropical freshwater ecosystems and devoted to developing public awareness and respect for these important places.

Jennifer is a published author and photographer with work in Aquarium Fish International, Cichlid News, and on several scientific papers.

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