VAHS Ocotober, 9,2013 Meeting

Upcoming Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society meeting

October,9,2013. 7:30 pm at Maywood Community School, Burnaby.

Guest speaker Hannah M. Evans

Will be chatting about my recent trip to Guam (a US territory and the largest island in Micronesia) where I took part in a SECORE workshop on coral reproduction and reef rehabilitation.  We’ll discuss modes of sexual coral reproduction; both broadcast spawning and brooding species, the state of Guam’s coral reefs, current reef rehabilitation efforts, and SECORE’s research around the world. There will be a hands on component to the talk where you can observe coral larvae (no guarantees but I will try and collect larvae that day) and see different methods and techniques for collecting and settling larval corals in the home aquarium.

For all salt water enthusiasts, we are sure this will be an informative and interesting talk, Hope to see you all there.

Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting, hope to see some new faces as well as some old ones, so get out and participate and socialize with fellow aquarists from the lower mainland. We will have our regular mini auction as well.

Best regards from the VAHS board of directors

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