VAHS May 13th 2015 meeting

This is a one time VAHS special event.
Fish and plant liquidation

A LARGE variety of freshwater fish and plants will be auctioned off this Wednesday May 13 th at the Bonsor community center in Burnaby. Tell your friends and fellow aquarists.
Come and enjoy Coffee and cookies with friends. admission is 2 dollars to help cover the cost of the room. Meeting starts at 7:30.
Don’t miss out on this unique event.
You are welcome to bring your own surplus fish and plants to sell.

Rummy nose tetras   Head and tail light tetras
Albino paradise fish  Pencil fish   bushy nose plecos
Dennison barbs  Galaxy rasboras  Fan shrimp
Lamprey panchax  Jelly bean cichlids Bleeding heart tetras  Albino rainbow sharks  Dwarf rasboras
Pink zebra danios  Long fin zebra danios  Endlers
Clown killies Dwarf neon rainbows Furcata rainbows
Fresh water gobies Long fin rosy barbs Harlequin rasboras  Albino corydoras Dwarf gourami
Siamese algae eater  Dwarf Mexican crayfish
Mangrove rivulus Wild endless Scarlet endless
Killies Guppies Bettas Goldfish Betta coccina
Yellow jackets and lots of plants.

Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society will meet May 13th, 2015 at the Bonsor Community center at 7:30 pm. Bonsor Community center is in Burnaby behind Metro town.

Dave Carlson will be hosting a forum discussion on breeding tropicals, come out and hear who’s breeding what and how their doing it.
Cookies and coffee, door prize of a ph meter and a tds meter
Quick question and answer discussion and our usual monthly auction.

Everyone is welcome, we ask for a 2 dollar entrance fee to help cover the cost of the room.

Come out and meet fellow hobbyists.

Thanks to all who came out to the Spring Auction, over 50 people attended, hope to see you all back in the May meeting.

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