Guest Speaker Ian Fuller September 11, 2013.

Ian Fuller Will be our guest speaker September 11, 2013.



Ian is an expert on Corydoradinae Catfish, this will be a special event, you must be a paid up member for 2013 to attend, memberships are available, for information contact 

Ian worked as a precision toolmaker for forty-six years before moving into the aquatic trade in 2007 and is currently working as fish department manager in one of the UK’s top independent pet stores.

Ian started in the aquarium hobby at the ripe old age of twenty-six and since his first successful spawning of Blue acara, has gone on to successfully breed in the region of 500 species of fish. He was very early into his new Fishkeeping hobby when he encountered Corydoras in the form of the little demure Corydoras pygmaeus, from then on he as been well and truly hooked and since that first spawning in 1974 has gone on to successfully spawn 111 species of Corydoradinae Catfish.

Ian has been involved in several aquarium clubs over the last thirty-five years and has been instrumental in the forming of at least two, he is currently the Chairman of the Catfish Study Group, a position he has held since 1999.

Ian has written two books, the first in 2001 was completely self published and titled “Breeding Corydoradinae Catfish”, it was based on his experiences keeping and breeding more than 60 Cory species over the previous thirty years. The second book “Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish” was a joint venture with fellow “Cory nut” Hans-Georg Evers and again was self produced and co-published with Aqualog. Ian has also written many articles on Corys for several aquarium magazines. He also owns and runs a very successful web site dedicated to Corydoradinae catfishes, a project that consumes a lot of his spare time.

On top of all his commitments with his work, his fish and the web site, not to mention family commitments, Ian has found time to visit and give talks to eight societies in the USA, all since his first visit to the NEC in Connecticut in 2001. He has also given lectures in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway, where he has visited at least twice every year for the last four years. He talks on a number of subjects, but Corys are his all time love and always will be.

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