VAHS june meeting cancelled.

VAHS june meeting is cancelled due to teachers strike!

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VAHS meeting June 11, 2014

Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society

This meeting is cancelled due to the teachers strike.

Meets Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 7:30 pm at Maywood community school in Burnaby.

there will be a slide show presentation ” an introduction to killifish by Richard pierce”

Every one is welcome, there is a 2 dollar cover charge to help pay for the room.

hope to see you there , this is the last meeting before the summer break.

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VAHS Meeting May 14 2014

Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society

Meeting May 14 2014 7:30 pm.

Meetings are held at Maywood community school in Burnaby

4567 Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5J 1B7 

The School is located near Metrotown and the Metrotown skytrain station.

Come out and join in the fun, meet fellow aquarists.

2 dollar admission fee to help cover the room costs. 
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VAHS Next meeting is Wednesday April 9, 2014



This is a plant, fish, frags, auction only, please no equipment.

Bring your Fish, plants, saltwater frags, corals and other critters from your aquariums for your fellow hobbyists.

Everyone is welcome, admission is 2 $ to help cover the cost of renting the room.


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Feruary 12, 2014 meeting

Wednesday February 12, 2014 is the next Meeting of the Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society at Maywood community  School, at 7:30 pm.

This Months guest speaker will be Carmen Lake.

Carmen earned her degree in Animal Science then worked in Edmonton at the University of Alberta agricultural test station and university farm, and then with the provincial governments’ pathology Laboratory until she decided to continue her studies.  She graduated from the University of Prince Edward Islands’ Atlantic Veterinary College and practiced mixed animal veterinary medicine for over 16 years locally and internationally. Carmen also became an Associate Professor of Veterinary Physiology educating the next generation of veterinarians before she decided to pursue her Masters degree in Public Health.  Her mission has always been to promote preventative medicine and to take an active leadership role in continuing educating.   Carmen is currently the director and principal of Carmen Lake & Associates, a company dedicated to knowledge transfer and continuing education of medical professionals, allied health care teams, and the public on health issues relating to the human-animal bond.  She has a special focus of infection control and antibiotic resistance.  She also continues to work as a locum veterinarian in the greater Vancouver area.

Carmen had her first aquarium as an undergraduate where she found out first hand the mental health benefits of owning and caring for tropical fish.  She recalls the many hours spent relieving stress by watching her fish swim around their tank.   Fish watching still provides that relief and pleasure.  She now shares the hobby with her son.  They are both active members of the Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society.

Carmen’s talk will focus on preserving the health and safety of the aquarist as they enjoy their hobby.  It aims to be a very interactive and fun discussion.  Some things will be new while others will serve as a reminder of things we tend to forget to consider or perhaps overlook.  Safety is something one cannot stress enough.  Come and see how you may better protect your health.

We will also have our usual Q and A period and our mini auction.
Hope to see you all there this wednesday night.
Check out the website for more info on Carmen Lake.

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January 2014 meeting

Next meeting is Wednesday, january 8, 2014 at 7:30 pm at maywood community school, Burnaby.

This is the first of our regular meetings for 2014.

Hope to see many of you there, we will have our usuall informative Question and answer period as well as our mini auction. A great social event to meet fellow aquarists, come out and see what local aquarists are doing.

A big thanks to J&L Aquatics for sponsoring our December 2013 meeting and donating a great LED light.

Thanks to Stan at Discus World for donating some spectacular baby discus.

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VAHS December, 11, 2013 meeting.

Next meeting of the Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society will be December, 11, 2013 at 7:30 pm at Maywood School in Burnaby.

This is our annual Xmas Social  and the meeting is sponsored this year by J&L Aquatics. J&L has kindly donated a fantastic members prize this meeting of a 18 inch Orbit Marine LED light, 24 hour saltwater reef aquarium light with wireless remote control effects. click on the link to see



J&L Aquatics Ltd.
Founded in 1997 with the Canadian aquarist in mind, J&L Aquatics strives to provide quality equipment and supplies at the best possible prices without sacrificing service and support!


205A-3430 Brighton Ave.; Burnaby, BC V5A 3H4, Canada

Phone Number

(888) 840-1146

This is our annual Xmas social with a gift exchange for those who would like to participate and also a xmas potluck, so bring your treats.


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November, Annual Monster Aquatic Auction

Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society

Saturday November 16 th 2013


This is an annual event in November held in North Vancouver at Saint Piux X catholic church gymnasium 1150 Mt. Seymour Road

This auction is a fundraiser for Project Piaba for more info see Project Piaba on our website or go to

 An all day event, locally raised fish and plants, used aquarium equipment, Everyone is welcome, sellers are required to preregister

You can download the sellers form from the website at events and auctions.

Registration starts at 8:30, auction starts at 10:00.

Please email for more info or to register please include your name and membership number.

Please note rules for the auction regarding equipment.

The VAHS assumes no lilability or responsibility for items in the auction. It is the purchasers responsibility to inspect the items before bidding.
  • Sellers must bring a completed sellers form with them to the auction.
  • Buyers, please bring a completed buyers form.
  • Forms are available at the auction. If you are selling then you do not need a buyers form.
All equipment must be labelled as working and have the sellers name and number attachedAnything not labelled as such will be sold as parts only.
All fish and plants must be in fish bags, please ensure that there is enough air in the bag.
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VAHS Ocotober, 9,2013 Meeting

Upcoming Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society meeting

October,9,2013. 7:30 pm at Maywood Community School, Burnaby.

Guest speaker Hannah M. Evans

Will be chatting about my recent trip to Guam (a US territory and the largest island in Micronesia) where I took part in a SECORE workshop on coral reproduction and reef rehabilitation.  We’ll discuss modes of sexual coral reproduction; both broadcast spawning and brooding species, the state of Guam’s coral reefs, current reef rehabilitation efforts, and SECORE’s research around the world. There will be a hands on component to the talk where you can observe coral larvae (no guarantees but I will try and collect larvae that day) and see different methods and techniques for collecting and settling larval corals in the home aquarium.

For all salt water enthusiasts, we are sure this will be an informative and interesting talk, Hope to see you all there.

Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting, hope to see some new faces as well as some old ones, so get out and participate and socialize with fellow aquarists from the lower mainland. We will have our regular mini auction as well.

Best regards from the VAHS board of directors

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VAHS April 10, 2013 meeting

new location for vahs meetings.

Maywood Community School

click on maywood community school above and it will open google maps.

4567 Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC Canada V5J 1B7 

The School is located near Metrotown and the Metrotown skytrain station.

 Contact or for more info.

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Guest Speaker Ian Fuller September 11, 2013.

Ian Fuller Will be our guest speaker September 11, 2013.



Ian is an expert on Corydoradinae Catfish, this will be a special event, you must be a paid up member for 2013 to attend, memberships are available, for information contact 

Ian worked as a precision toolmaker for forty-six years before moving into the aquatic trade in 2007 and is currently working as fish department manager in one of the UK’s top independent pet stores.

Ian started in the aquarium hobby at the ripe old age of twenty-six and since his first successful spawning of Blue acara, has gone on to successfully breed in the region of 500 species of fish. He was very early into his new Fishkeeping hobby when he encountered Corydoras in the form of the little demure Corydoras pygmaeus, from then on he as been well and truly hooked and since that first spawning in 1974 has gone on to successfully spawn 111 species of Corydoradinae Catfish.

Ian has been involved in several aquarium clubs over the last thirty-five years and has been instrumental in the forming of at least two, he is currently the Chairman of the Catfish Study Group, a position he has held since 1999.

Ian has written two books, the first in 2001 was completely self published and titled “Breeding Corydoradinae Catfish”, it was based on his experiences keeping and breeding more than 60 Cory species over the previous thirty years. The second book “Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish” was a joint venture with fellow “Cory nut” Hans-Georg Evers and again was self produced and co-published with Aqualog. Ian has also written many articles on Corys for several aquarium magazines. He also owns and runs a very successful web site dedicated to Corydoradinae catfishes, a project that consumes a lot of his spare time.

On top of all his commitments with his work, his fish and the web site, not to mention family commitments, Ian has found time to visit and give talks to eight societies in the USA, all since his first visit to the NEC in Connecticut in 2001. He has also given lectures in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway, where he has visited at least twice every year for the last four years. He talks on a number of subjects, but Corys are his all time love and always will be.

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